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Driving While Intoxicated Cases are overwhelming our Courts. Other methods of addressing the daunting problem of DWI offenders have been tried and have been unsuccessful. The arrest numbers continue to grow and alcohol related traffic fatalities and serious injuries continue to affect our community on almost a daily basis. Our Program offers hope to our community by addressing the core problem of many repeat offenders by combining long-term empiric treatment with strict monitoring and supervision.

What we do

Our mission is to ensure public safety and defendant/ offender accountability through empiric treatment. The program is a long-term (3-5 year) treatment and accountability program. The program is based on the Therapeutic Judicial Management and Commercial Airline Pilot Treatment programs. The goal of the Program is to promote more responsible and productive members of the community, thereby decreasing recidivism and reducing costs to taxpayers.

Our Services

DUI & DWI Convictions

Our clients frequently receive a desired plea agreement or sentence of probation, even with 5+ DWI convictions. Continued engagement in the program is often a condition of probation.

Addiction Rehabilitation

Experienced treatment professionals provide medical treatment, counseling, case management and interventions to treat addiction. Longer term treatment programs are proven to have better success. We provide long-term treatment and monitoring of 3-5 Years.

Genetic Testing

GARS testing allows the treatment team and the court to determine if the alcohol consumption problems leading to arrest are biological, or a moral failing. GARS is the primary diagnostic instrument used in determining the neurobiological disorder of “Reward Deficiency Syndrome”.

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Our Legal Partners

We need Attorneys who take Felony DWI cases – We need attorneys to whom we can refer patients, if you are interested in being on our list of preferred attorneys, please let us know.

We need Legal Clients with Felony DWI charges – We have spots open for immediate inclusion in the treatment program, regardless of the procedural stage the client’s case is in.

Legal Jeopardy

The program is a long-term treatment and monitoring program. Engagement in the program creates a way to show the court and prosecutor the client is serious about recovery, while providing proven relapse prevention methods that protect the community and the client.

Client engagement in the program has been proven to help with favorable pleas and sentencing mitigation. Our results have been truly exceptional – most often our clients receive a desired plea agreement or sentence of probation, even with 5+ DWI convictions. Continued engagement in the program is often a condition of probation, as it is highly correlated with long-term sobriety.

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