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DWI arrests face an uphill battle in Texas. Conviction rates for alcohol crimes in Texas are very high, and Felony DWI, repeat DWI offenders, and substance use related felonies often result in significant prison time for defendants.

An accused person’s best hope to avoid the penitentiary may be a plea agreement, and favorable rulings at sentencing. In a non-prison plea deal, judges and prosecutors often want two questions answered:

  • Is the defendant a sick person or a bad person?
  • If I give the defendant a break (such as a non-custodial sentence), will they re-offend and perhaps kill or injure someone?

This is the heart of the Integrum program at Precision Translational Medicine. We use Geneus proprietary technology to answer these two questions.


The potential for chronic alcoholic behavior can be identified using a sophisticated genetic profile. Our client profiles are built using the proprietary “GARS” genetic mapping system. We have used the GARS test from GENEUS in criminal court since 2016 to establish the cause of behavior in terms of biological symptoms vs. immoral conduct. The GARS information along with a complete, and exhaustive forensic addiction evaluation is used to demonstrate to the court that the offending behaviors are due to epigenetic damage rather than moral failing. In short, if your offense occurred because you were sick, we will attempt to prove that to the court using cutting edge science and genetic information. Prosecutors can be much more understanding when they view an offense as the result of an illness that can be treated rather than a moral deficiency that needs punishment.

The GARS results and evaluation information are also used during the plea-bargaining period and/or sentencing phase to plan and execute long-term treatment (with monitoring) for the duration of an agreed period of community supervision (probation). The GARS results are also helpful in “pointing the direction” for the evaluation of various psychiatric issues beyond addiction.

Again, this information, process, and testimony is used in the pre-adjudication or at sentencing phases to sway prosecutors and judges into favorable plea agreements. It has not yet been used in the guilt-innocence phase, but we welcome that opportunity should it arise – if you and your attorney want to take a case to trial, PTM will walk with you every step of the way.




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Currently there are two peer reviewed publications in process documenting the success of the program. The idea is to stand up PTM, hone the process, and take the program to other major cities. Eventually the goal is to give all US felony DWI defendants (and perhaps other substance related arrests) with a significant GARS score the opportunity for targeted precision outpatient treatment vs. long-term incarceration.

Legal Defence

Post adjudication, Precision helps clients meet the demands of probation and the court. The conditions of probation can be confusing and difficult to follow. Precision gives clients simple instructions to follow daily. We document the completion of court mandated tasks, and can prove your compliance if challenged. We assure the court and probation officers that our clients are meeting the conditions of probation. In the event of an alleged violation of court-ordered terms, we can help prevent probation from being revoked.

Legal Jeopardy

Post arrest, TCSMAS helps clients meet the demands of pretrial services, treatment programs, and defense preparation. This is a stressful time in our client’s lives, and we ensure the process goes smoothly, completely, and within compliance. We create documentation you need for your court case, and can help prevent motion to revoke bonds. The sooner you get in contact with us after your initial arrest, the sooner we can help.


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